If the atmospheric conditions permit, you can sometimes cover very long distances with your radio. If the F-layer is not sufficiently ionized, this is unfortunately not possible. There are also alternatives for those who not only enjoy technology but also want to talk to other like-minded people across national borders.

Zello: Kiez-Talk-Berlin
Add KiezTalk-Berlin via QR-Code – just scan within Zello app

The Zello channel “KiezTalk-Berlin“, for example, offers interested parties the opportunity to come into contact with one another regardless of any propagation conditions.

This channel can be used as a kind of backup system if the propagation conditions are not stable. Or simply whenever DX links are not possible at the moment.

German is generally spoken on “KiezTalk-Berlin”, but you will always find someone you can talk to in English.

In order to be able to use this additional worldwide communication option, you need a stable internet connection. The Zello software (PC, Android, IOS) must be installed and correctly configured. Now just add and activate the “KiezTalk-Berlin” channel and you’re ready to go.

You can download the zello app here.

Here you can ad the channel via QR-Code.